And Heather was right

Netflix is awesome; I spent the past two days doing a Magnum PI marathon while organizing my apartment (I’m down to two big boxes that aren’t books.) Then I realized that I could probably get some other “classic” obscure shows from them too, like Riptide. When I told Heather about being able to get Riptide, my hairstylist (I will not call her my barber, because she is a hairstylist; she cuts my hair for free because it’s such an easy cut) and Josh’s sister, she had exclaimed she had been thinking about that show also, and then said something about a robot, among other things. I was kind of iffy about that, and might have dismissed her a little harshly, but in the end, she was right; there was a robot:

When Vietnam vets turned beach bums Cody Allen (Perry King) and Nick Ryder (Joe Penny) decide to open a detective agency, they enlist the aid of another old Army pal, the electronics wiz Boz Bozinsky (Thom Bray). Working out of Cody’s cabin cruiser, the boys and their machines — an orange robot, an ancient Sikorski helicopter, a classic Corvette and a GMC Jimmy truck — are soon pursuing raging baddies and bikini-clad beauties with equal ardor.

So tomorrow, I call her to tell her she was right.

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