Return of the Scammer… or the Spammer Strikes Back?

increase your site popularity in record time.

Am I dirty for thinking that had to do with Penis size?

Treat this mail with all seriousness.

Combine this scam email with the scam email I got through a dating site… The Nigerians love me, they really love me!

From: George Chol Garang Family

And this one! Love a scammer tonight!

Not a heading, but the email orignator: Powerful boner-meds on-line. I lmao’ed (lmaoed? or just lol? bah.)

From the “You gotta see it to believe it” files:

what was the bleeding clue?

what was the bleeding clue?

Damn, there’s a shitload of scammer emails. Did I suddenly win the lottery?

Now this one is just too purty:
I hope that the part time job isn't a code word for "Anal Probe"

And last but not least… first the header:

o not; but I tho

Nothing to write home about, right? Then, curiosity lead me to open the email to behold this beauty:

D words. The insidious bee that fluttered around the flowers of my once
happy affections has left its sting-wound within my heart.” “But love
is its
own physician.

It alone
can cure the ills it makes.” “But where there
is no mutual love in the heart the wound is incurable.” “Why, Fred! do
you for a moment doubt the veracity of Clara’s love for you?” “She has
fooled me,” he exclaimed. “She has forsaken me. She has made me
reckless and desperate.
I have ceased to love. I hate society. I even despise my

very self. I shall seek for happiness in foreign lands as a substitute
for what I have lost. I have decided upon going to Canada.” “Are you
again really determined to leave us, Fred?” “Yes, mother, I am more
than determined. I am ready to leave to-morrow if I choose to go.” “If
you go, my son, you will go against
the wishes of your parents and every relative you have; and if you go
in such a manner and
under the present circumstances you cannot carry along with you ‘_a
mother’s blessing_’.” “I don’t care!” replied Fred haughtily. “Mother,
you have no love for me. You have vindicated the guilty actions

of Clara in opposition to my opinions. You have tantalised my soul by
so doing. I shall no longer bear the insults,
you heap upon me,”–and therewith Fred arose and made his exit abruptly
from the room. It appears that for several weeks past Fred had been
ruminating upon going to Canada, reviving as it were his former
intentions. His sore throat had originated from sudden exposure to the
raw air of night on coming out from a crowded hall where he had been
listening to a highly-colored lecture upon Canada and the
The recent occurrence had made him still more determined,
and also, afforded, as he

considered, a sufficient plea to justify his purpose. That same
evening, immediately after tea, his father being made aware of the
took him aside and began to expostulate with him. “Father, I have
upon leaving and therefore your influence can have no effect,”
Fred. “But remember, my son, that text of Scripture which saith,

And the best part of the deal? There’s a zip file named aftermath attached! It brings a tear to my eye. Using “literature” to get people to install a worm. *sniffs* I thought this bunch of spam was rather lackluster, but that last reaffirmed (that word sounds dirty to me now) my faith in spammers. Rise spammers everywhere and throw down those damned, dirty scammers!

I’m probably going to set up a VM to open the attachment; my curiosity is too much.

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