The difference a few inches make

So, I was sitting at a stoplight and there’s a girl that at first glance might be cute, so I pull up a couple feet, and any thoughts that she might be cute flew out the window.  “Beggars can’t be choosers,” some people might crow, but I am not a beggar; if I die single, I’m not going to care one iota, even if it might annoy some people.  And those people might try to nag me into moving faster than my own pace, and that’s OK, because I’m going to move at my own pace no matter what’s said; it’ll simply give me background music as I trundle along.

Yes, part of this rant is “inspired” by the fact that I have a new nephew.  “You need to hurry up and catch up,” my drug-addled sister said, as I held my nephew.  Shit, if there’s ever a wrong reason to have kids, that’s one of them; kids aren’t pokemon, or the newest videogame.  Not that I’m annoyed or anything, just stating the facts.

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