“I’m pretty sure it’s paranoia”

I think I discovered a DDoS attack disguised as Bittorrent traffic today.  I’m not certain, but the traffic did not feel like your normal P2P traffic; too much traffic, to many IPs, too short of time (30 minutes, I think, and it was gone.)  I didn’t catch it at the time of the attack, but if I had, what in the hell could have I done?  It’s not like there was one IP I could have blocked.  Fortunately, the attack was blocked by the firewall, so there was nothing left to do but stand around and scratch my ass as I figured out what in the hell was going on.  In the end, it was one IP address that told the tale, as I cozzied up to some light reading of the firewall logs; all I needed was a glass of wine and some cheese, and my evening would have been set (I would not wish this sort of thing on any female, unless she’s a true geek, and knows the difference between an IPS and an Active IDS {trick question, I’ve learned recently, there is no difference.} Uh, yeah, unless she gets “excited” by packet captures, then.. Uh.  Shit.  I lost my train of thought.  Hell, I somehow misplaced a parenthesis!  Oh well, time for bed any ways.

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