An Interrupted Bath Part 3

So what does the inside of a spammer image feel like? Almost exactly like a hologram, or in other words, nothing. You don’t feel light play over your skin most of the time, right? But there was a crucial difference here with this spammer: the source of the image before me laid exactly where the heart in a normal person would be, in a mass of energy that was pumping from an external source, like a power cable plugged into an electrical socket. And like that socket, if you know what you’re doing, you can follow that line back to its source.

I gently grasped that source, then imagined myself following the power cord back to its owner, and immediately found myself in the Threshold, that place that laid between all sceards, that could take you anywhere in the span of a thought. Granted, most times it takes a train of thought to take you anywhere, as you put together the ideas that mean First Century Rome, or Nineteenth Century China, or how to get to Wonderland, but with preserverence and imagination, you can can get almost anywhere. In this case though, I only had to imagine that I was following this man’s thinking, and therefor following the cord back to him. I wasn’t disappointed. The cord became thicker as offshoots into other shards rejoined the main cable, until it would have been impossible to hold on to if I had been in the Waking World.

It was a good thing that simply touching it was enough, because if I had been awake, and had to literally traverse the cable, my arms would have been exhausted for however long it would have taken to get to wherever he was. “Wait, I thought you said travel took the speed of thought?!” you’re asking. Don’t deny it! I can read you! Oh, never mind, you’re reading me. Uh, this is embarrassing.

Any ways, to answer the question, there are several philosophies in the Traum when it comes to thoughts, and since thoughts are the currency of life here, which philosophy you follow can determine what you are best at. A thought can be a sentence in your mind. It can be until you stop thinking to yourself. It can be when you switch topics. I could keep going, because as with the Waking World, there are more ways of looking at the world than you can list in a paragraph, or in entire encyclopedias. Most inhabitants of the Traum bounce between the different philosophies depending on their needs at the moment, but those that subscribe to one philosophy tend to be very good in certain situations. It’s a lot like martial artists, where Ju Jitsu is best when the fight gets on the ground, while Karate is best standing up.

Where I was right then, dangling off that cable in the nothing of the Threshold, I was subscribing to the stream of consciousness theory, juggling different ideas, keeping them all in motion, and therefor myself in motion. I was pondering how clever, yet unimaginative this spammer was; he could have simply sent a packet of himself, like an email, to each sceard, and not get traced back as easily. What he did instead gave him a more palpable, more difficult to ignore presence, yet easily traced. I was wondering what in the hell was I going to do when I got there, because this man was clever enough to figure out how split his attention among many different sceards; killing him would have been a huge waste of talent. I was worried that another creature was going to get there first, and fix the situation first. I was still curious to how he found me and got into my domain. I was hoping the damn trip ended soon, before I drop one of these chainsaws; juggling thoughts is all well and good, but all it would have taken is one mis-thought, and I would have tumbled out of the Threshold like a wrecked motorcycle, with little control of where I landed.

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