An Interrupted Bath – Part 2

“You’re speaking to him.” D’oh! I had answered in reflex, even though I knew exactly what I was dealing with: a salesman. He was fortunate that I didn’t give in to the reflex to shoot, which would have been well within my rights, since he was an invader in my domain, and I was the highest court here. Not that shooting him would have done me any good, as I was about to find out.

“I’m here on behalf of the Rosecrans Corporation, a purveyor of all of your household needs.” The situation was getting worse: not only was he a salesman, he was working for a Multi-level Marketing scheme, a barely legal con game that encouraged people to enslave their family and friends. I had a round in the chamber, and yet, I still didn’t shoot him. In fact, I stood there and listened to him extol the virtues of every single household product under the sun, as if I really cared that Rosecrans laundry soap made my socks twenty-five percent whiter (I never did discover than what.) The oddity of the situation skirted the edges of my mind, since we were in the Traum, and therefor had even less need for laundry soap that if we had been in the waking world; laundry is what I pay other people to do.

Finally I was able to break his spell, “I have no idea how you got here-”

“And if you decide to buy our laundry soap, for this week only, I’ll throw in a second one free.”

Wait, he didn’t even react to me, continuing on as if I wasn’t even here. Or like he wasn’t here… I reached out to grab his shirt, and my hand passed into his chest. Right then would have been a good comedic moment, as I panicked at him not really being there, thinking that I had somehow punctured his ribs, to breath out a sigh of relief when noticed that there was no blood. Sorry folks, but that isn’t what happened. Instead I closed my eyes and felt for a cord that had to be there. No, I wasn’t trying to rip out his spinal cord; I was looking for what tied this image back to the originator, because if I was right, this man was much worse than even a MLM salesman: he was a spammer.

To be continued…

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