Huh, ran out of hate for Tebow

New searches.

mental dump,, bren producer porn, movies of scorpions when they sleep

Mental dump is self-evident, I talk about porn all the fucking time, and the scorpions are a bit obvious… But What? Where in the hell did I post that? Googles my site… oooooooh. Well, that makes sense.

So, I’m going to talk about Tim Tebow again, but not because I hate him (in the jealous “I wish I had your potential to make a lot of fucking money, and could have pictures taken with a set of nice tits and no one that’s ‘important’ say anything about it” sort of way) but because I’m intrigued by the Super Bowl ad that he’s going to be in. Yeah, it’s going to be an anti-abortion ad. Here’s a dude that could have hookers doing body shots off him, and he’s doing that? Interesting. Of course, I disagree with his stance, but you know what? If he can get Gloria Allred riled up, I will be the first to applaud him (self-important bitch.) “You’re being a woman hater, so shut the fuck up.” Why? At what point does telling someone to shut up actually convince them that you’re right? And I’ll leave it at that. I’ve harped on this point enough times that all you need to do is google “shut up” on my site, and you’ll find all of the other iterations of this argument.

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