Red shirt got killed… a STO log entry

…even though no one was shooting. Have no idea what killed him. I was busy scanning decalithium when I heard Wilhelm scream. Everyone’s head turned towards the source of the scream to see Wilhelm laying on the ground dead, for no apparent reason. Keslen stopped grooming himself for 30 seconds to find no reason for the death; no disease, no poison, just died. Keslen’s theory is that Wilhelm died of “red shirt poisoning,” whatever that means.

(His reasoning for the grooming: “According to human erotic films, all actors must look their best before going on camera, despite the fact that all human sex acts end with them being sweaty. Despite the apparent illogical conclusion, to continue my experiments, I will continue to look my best for the holocameras.”)

… Yes, I’ve decided to change my crew concept. Not going to use my main characters’ names, but instead my alts, except for Laim the Vulcan tactical officer, who logically wants to kick everyone’s asses, mainly because the Science officer (Keslen) is a Vulcan Porn Star…. oops, Sexual Researcher. I hope that I got the Porn Stache done correctly for him [Everyone can thank JediOne for that… a story I’ll tell later.] Oh, my Engineer Officer, 2nd in command, and ever present lackey is a Ferenghi named Igor. I even gave him the creature stance, so he can hobble along to do my bidding. I still need a story for my Captain (name later, I picked a weird one, as always, and can’t remember it without logging into the game. Which I will not do right now since I’ll want to play.)

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