Huh, I wish I’d seen the original

OK, it has been well established that I laugh at things I really shouldn’t. The worse the joke, the harder I’ll laugh… Actually, that’s a lie. The way it really goes is “That is wrong. Hilarious, but wrong.” And I’ll be a little embarrassed, but I’ll laugh my ass off anyways. And I will cross that line, because damn it, why the hell not?

So when I saw this comic I was intrigued when I read the comments. Personally, I think the version that is up now works just as well as, if not better than whatever offensive joke he had up before. But I still want to see the original, although I can infer exactly what that joke was: something about killing a transgendered person with a fire extinguisher, and going “I killed it!”

Remember me talking about “Never apologizing for being an asshole”? Well, in this case, I’ll forgive him. 😛 He has a readership that he cares about (as opposed to every other mouthy bastard that shot off) and I honestly believe he cares about those people’s feelings. Personally, I would have left it up, not because I don’t care about their feelings, but because… well, shit, I can’t think of any good reason to leave it up. Lots and lots of bad reasons, but not a single good one.

I understand how horrified they would be, because I’ve been on the ass end of enough jokes, and I’ve got a thick enough skin, that I can shrug off almost anything now (the best way to gauge the effect of your joke/insult on me is to listen how quiet I get; if I’m shooting back, try again sucker! If I’m dead quiet… well, you have me dead to rights, but don’t count on me staying that way. I’m like the emotional version of the Terminator; it takes a lot to keep me down.) Trust me when I say that I wasn’t always like this. When I started my often erratic career, I was like smoke, you could push me wherever the hell you wanted, and I wouldn’t say a word in return. But perseverance pays off, and now I’m as mouthy as a prosti- Err. Never mind. 😀

As for the “Kill it!” joke? If someone had made that joke about me… I would look as if they were insane, commented on insecurities, made some indirect fire about penis size, and go on my way. There’s a difference between a joke and threat folks, but I understand the horror of being the butt of such a joke.

I remember being threatened directly once (maybe more, but some memories are buried in a deep dark dungeon, and I’m quite happy to leave them there, now.) My friend Jose and I got jumped once. I did the unexpected, and exceptionally insane thing, and stood up to the bigger of the guys. I wasn’t even 5′ 6″, and weighed less than a 120 pounds. He was probably 6′ and weighed lots more, but right then and there I was about as afraid as an angry chipmunk on crack, stood my ground, and took a beating. When he knocked off my glasses, I calmly picked them up, took them over to the street curve, and walked back towards him. I had no fear; I honestly think it was burned out of me at that point. I simply was not going to run from him. He hit me a few more times, and I did not back down. He finally walked away, and casually mentioned that he could have killed me. I was not impressed. Jose and I continued our walk to the store.

What’s the takeaway from this? Honestly, I don’t know. My thoughts as I remember that very real brush from death is that sometimes the only thing you can do is stand your ground, no matter what anyone says. If someone hates you, just stand your ground, and be yourself. I developed a (what I consider) healthy sense of humor about all of the slings and arrows that we inconsiderately sling at each other.

There is one thing to consider about that joke though: getting angry about jokes like that is not going to help change people’s opinions. And expecting their opinions to change of you just because you demand they take down a joke… Yeah, not going to happen. Worst case is that it’ll make them hate you more, shoving all of that hatred down into a cess pit, concentrating it… And God help you, when that silent hatred boils over.

I’ve recently discovered that I’m part Jewish, and I still hold that opinion, and always will hold that opinion, even though I’ll be one of the first in the cattle cars.:D

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