I really should have spent time writing today…

I think I spent 2 hours total on toilet today, and I’m not quite sure that I’m completely alright. And that stuff the hospital gave me? I’m shuddering at the thought of drinking that stuff again. It doesn’t smell quite right, and the taste… They said to drink it cold, but I don’t think even that would help (I put ice in it and I’m grimacing at the thought of doing that again.) Yes, Go Easy, or Go Lightly, or whatever the hell that stuff is called is terrible. It might have cleaned my colon, but I think there has to be better ways of doing it than that.

*gets distracted by a show about high speed cameras, and then watched a Ancient Discoveries show, hoping to see the busty Antiquities Expert again.*

Uh… Err… Yeah… I guess I’ll post the “bitch slap Evony” ad I saw a couple minutes ago while checking my webcomics.

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