Back from the hospital… LA wants their log jam back

From my conversation with Kiv:

yeah, they said I’m so constipated that I’m backed up from the left to the right
which caused abdominal pains
Arrakiv says:
that’s fun
brenatevi says:
yup, so they gave me something called “Go Lightly”
who said drug makers have no sense of humor?
so me and John are going to have a lot of sit down time tomorrow
Arrakiv says:
brenatevi says:
John… toilet?

I never get tired of Toilet jokes, although on the other hand, I think I’m the only that makes them. So yes, I’m not going to die any time soon, although I’m probably going to feel like I shit out my guts tomorrow when I drink the “Go lightly.” It’s going to be me, John, and my book. Thankfully, I’m only halfway through my Clone book, but I hope to God that I don’t spend enough time on the toilet to finish it. Otherwise I’ll have to get out the Bible, or maybe get out the manual for exorcism, because I have another 150 pages to go… 2 1/2 hours on the toilet seems a bit excessive, although I’m quite sure that I will feel really good when I’m finished, because after 4 days of being bound… Yeah.

For some reason this constipation has brought me closer to God. No, not really. The documents guy asked me if I had a religion to declare, and I replied, “No, not really.” So, I’m going to make an attempt to sleep, in preparation for my marathon toilet training tomorrow. I know you really can’t wait for the full details.

2 Responses to “Back from the hospital… LA wants their log jam back”

  1. Giftmacher Says:

    Well I’m glad you’re going to be alright… I could have lived without hearing the details of course 😛


  2. I didn’t make you read it! You could have stopped anytime! And you know that I tend to go off on weird and disturbing descriptions sometimes.

    Besides, you wouldn’t have complained if I had described hot nurses checking my temperature. *ahem*  The nurses were cute btw.

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