Groupthink and the freedom of speech

To those that are familiar with my rants, skip to the end, because I got further off the hinge than normal…

I’m not going to compare myself to this guy and his problems, not because he’s more important than me, but I’m just a mouthy (keyboardy?) 33 year old that has spent most of my life trying to figure out where I was, and where I was going; he took on insurgents with 9mm pistol and a hand grenade, and is sort of being suppressed by his superiors (I’m not going to rush to judge, because I haven’t read what’s said, and I don’t know what’s going on in his superiors’ minds.) But I think I can safely say that groupthink is probably the root of his problem, and the root of my favorite whipping horse, Global Warming.

“How can you say that? Wait, haven’t we been over this before?” I know these questions are going through your mind, not because I’m a mind reader, but because I have been over this ground before… Many, many times. I don’t call it my favorite whipping/hobby horse without reason. I’m borderline obsessive, and if you’re sitting and staring at my blog, it’s your own damned fault if you’re drooling.

A day later.
Yeah, I was pushing the end of my day when I started this entry, as Kiv can attest. He happened to IM me just as I was about to go to bed. Here’s my side of that one sided conversation:

I think I’ll save it for later… I think the world can do without another rant from me about Global Warming groupthink
because apparently I’m insane for doubting it
even though I gave the guy some possible scenarios about why it isn’t happening
but I will continue to rant and be insane if it’s required!
because someone must be!
otherwise we’ll become lemmings and shove our noses each other’s asses so far that we don’t see the other ledges we might jump off of
and yes, I’m going to post that particular image!

Yes, I’m accusing AGWers of blindly following it. When I point out possible (I’m not going to say plausible) alternative explanations, and get rejected out of hand, that means to me that the person isn’t willing to even consider the fact that I’m wrong. Which is hard to swallow, because I’m willing to admit that I might be wrong. And I will say that a lot of the solutions make sense, like alternative fuels, looking for more efficient recycling, and other things that will let us keep our current lifestyle, because even I will admit that eventually our current civilization will collapse, and that collapse will be painful. Civilization collapses almost always are, and with nuclear weapons in the picture, panicking leadership trying to hold on to power…

As I said in the IM, there are many ledges to consider as we navigate to the future…

One that I drove off the cliff as I started watching my recorded shows, especially the hot antiquities expert, talking about ancient weapons of mass destruction. They found one with a very largest rack. That was a rack that wouldn’t mind being stretched over. I loved it when she talked about death and destruction; she knew how to talk dirty to me. When she showed off the tar bombs that burned Roman Legionaries alive… Err… And then she demonstrated the pig fat fueled fire that cooked pagans alive… That, was too much for me. If you want more information than that… well, you’re sicker than I am.

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