Fighting the wrong battle

Posting from my phone, but you alll can google what I’m talking about: New York banned gay marriage.

My response: So? Let the chanting begin. Maybe even a riot. I’d love to see a riot.

I don’t hate gays. That would require me to have an opinion on people I don’t know. I have known a few gays, and they are like everyone else I’ve known: most are nice, some not so much.

The reason I don’t care too much about gay marriage is because I think they are pushing for the wrong thing. The people that voted against it don’t hate gays (for the most part), they feel like their values (aka marriage) are being threatened. What do you do when being threatened? You strike back at what threatens you.

I don’t have any concrete answers for the gay community, except maybe: fight the most important battles piecemeal (rights for insurance, inheritance, etc) instead of pushing for a huge change that might never be acceptable to the masses.

2 Responses to “Fighting the wrong battle”

  1. Richard Simmons Says:

    Your in a world of pain, Mister!

  2. brenatevi Says:

    Really? SO what are you going to do, exercise me to death? Make sweat to bad music?

    Or, are you actually going to present a good argument?

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