Insurance is unnatural

This post was inspired by a spider web, and then cemented by the Glenn Beck newsletter (I can already hear “Ewww, Conservative cooties!!! Get them off! Get them off me!!!”) where the heading read “The 2,000 pages that will destroy America.” The next sentence read, “The healthcare bill is heading towards a vote.”

But let’s go back to the spider web that is situated above my front door. It’s in a state of disgrace, sagging and full of holes. It doesn’t look like the spider has been there for a while now, probably off vacationing wherever spiders vacation (more likely, she’s dead, having gotten enough nutrients to lay eggs, laying the foundations for the next generation of eight legged horrors, ensuring that arachnophobes will have something to be terrified about next year… isn’t the cycle of life precious?) So I started to think about what the spider does when she comes back to the web next year, wondering if she filed out claims forms to get a new web. Of course, the answer is “Of course not.” No other animal does it either. If the nest/den/dam gets destroyed, the animal either rebuilds it or dies off.

The same goes for health insurance, although I guess I could imagine that the structures of social creatures might come close to health insurance, as the tribe cares for the wounded. Yet, even that falls apart when the chips are down, and the pack/herd/whatever is threatened by illness/predators. If you’re too sick or wounded, your ass is going to be the first to be literally thrown to the wolves.

(comes back some time later…) Now where was I? So yeah, in the natural world, there is no thing as insurance. Your herd has little vested interest in caring for your wounded ass unless there is no danger to the herd.

On the other hand, I’m still trying to decide if Glenn is right or not that Universal Healthcare is a sign of the Apocalypse. I’m trying to decide whether or not the debt will destroy the United States in 50-100 years time. In the short term, definitely not. Long term? Well, all good things come to an end. Whether or not I live to see it is still up in the air.

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