*Opens mouth, sticks in foot*

So, in one of the rare signs that I might not be as funny as I think, my boss got indignant when I asked if I was still going to be a “mainframe flunky” on Monday. When he started huffing and puffing about how I was “an integral part of the team,” I replied that I thought he would be proud, in an “supervillain sort of way.” Unlike most mornings, he wasn’t buying what I was selling, so I got to hear him rant for 5 minutes about it. Such is life.

And the answer is “yes, you’re still going to be a mainframe flunky, Monday.” I shouldn’t be surprised. They are going to dangle me in the wind for a while, which means the Universe is acting like it should. If I had been moved over, I would have been shocked. At least they didn’t wait until Monday to tell me.

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