Someone explain this to me…

What do you mean there’s no jobs? I don’t get it. Now, I know there are times when individuals cannot work. I’m not going to debate that. I was there about 7 years back. I was depressed almost to the point of suicide, and didn’t care if I lived, but the moment I woke up (and it really was like always being asleep) I was able to get a job.

But how in the hell is does an entire state become depressed? This has always bothered me about economics, because to me, as long as you have an able body, there has to be SOMETHING you can do. There are plenty of companies that find niches in depressed economies, so don’t these able bodies and minds do something about it? Find a niche and fill that bad boy.

As I flail about this mentally, trying to find answers to a socio-economic problem that I’m nowhere near qualified for, a simple (and therefor most likely incorrect) answer comes to mind: lack of imagination. They quite simply cannot imagine a solution, and therefor feel that they can do nothing to improve their situation.

Which leads to a related situation, where people leave an area for “greener pastures” because they heard it was the land of opportunity; this new locale has sparked their imagination, giving them hope their old circumstances couldn’t. I applaud these people. I rejoice that they are breaking the bonds of their past. There is a bit of mourning for them though, because their old home could most likely have used their sparked imagination to improve their lives, but this is the way of the world.

So here’s to those that can imagine their lives as being something better and reaching for it. Be thankful for them, because with their imagination, they improve all of our lives.

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