The “trick” question they asked

I knew the question was coming, because one of my coworkers interviewed for the same position a year ago and got asked the same question, and didn’t get the job. Now the question might seem horrid, and my answer might make people think I’m a potential Nazi, but…

The question was: If you found out that one of your close co-workers (meaning guys I work with now, and know very well) was surfing for porn, would you turn them in? I knew the question was coming, and I had thought about it before going in, so I answered, without hesitation, “Yes.” They commented that I would sell my compadres down the river fast, and I explained that the policy was explicit, but I would make sure that it wasn’t an accidental click (the logs are very explicit when, where, and how a person got to a website.)

But as I lay in bed, my mind clicked over that question again, and the thought occurred to me: I would be doing that guy a favor by turning him in, because quite obviously, he has a problem. I mean, gods, there are ways of getting to porn at work without ever touching the company network. Most modern cell phones will let you get to porn. Small screen, but hell, if you are that hard up (HA! Wait, that calls for another HA!) for porn, small porn is better than no porn at all. And if that isn’t enough for you, Verizon has a deal for a netbook with wireless internet, so you get a bigger screen and faster access. Or if that still doesn’t do it for you, then go laptop *snicker* and wireless card.

Beyond my explaining the ways you can get around the firewall (there are other ways, but I’m not sure how the logging would work on those…) to me, there is one over-riding problem that keeps me from surfing for porn at work (I don’t count accidental links, though few and far between, but still a problem) (aside from the little thing called self-control)… What keeps me from surfing for porn is privacy. Where I work, it’s a cubicle farm, so everyone can see what your doing. That, and there would be difficulty of keeping the exclamations down “Wow she has nice tits.” Or explaining why you keep needing a new bottle of hand lotion and tissues every month. *cough*

Yeah, surfing for porn at work is bad. Don’t do it.

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