This has to be the most disturbing thought I’ve ever had

Anyone that has known me for longer than two weeks knows that when I say “disturbing” it’s time to put on the mental condom and pray to God above that the damn thing doesn’t rip, because my mind goes down some pretty odd corridors. And this one… well, now that you’ve been warned, forge on on at your own risk.

*disturbing shit follows*

For some reason this morning, my mind decided to tear apart one of the most baffling things about the Star Wars Prequels. No, not “Why wasn’t Jar Jar aborted?” No, it’s the relationship between Padme and Anakin. That whole thing has never made complete sense to me. The only way I was able to come to any sort of terms with it is “neither Padme nor Anakin had normal childhoods. Him a whiny brat separated from his mother while young, and she was beholden to civil service as a child, and never had a proper childhood.” Except, even that doesn’t make sense. Padme had a chance at a strapping young man, whom Anakin did not want to hear about. So, since she still had a sex drive, why in the hell was she attracted to this still whiny fucking brat?

Then my mind decided to really fuck with me: Padme’s mothering instincts. Or to make it even more explicit: a reverse Oedipus complex. Let’s go back to that pastoral scene on Naboo, where Anakin was talking about how great Totalitarianism is, and Padme says, “You’re teasing me.” He replies, “I’m way to scared to tease a senator,” and Padme looks all soft and gushy for a moment. It’s a glimpse into her hormones: she really wants to fix Anakin’s boo boos. After he broke down crying like a five year old, it was the beginning of the end for Padme’s hormones. By the time she led him by the hand to Geonosis, she was bound to fix all of his problems.

Yeah, and if you want to help me get custom fitted for a straight jacket, reply to this post. I get the feeling that I’m bound for the looney bin soon.

One Response to “This has to be the most disturbing thought I’ve ever had”

  1. I didn’t really find that too disturbing, to be honest 😛

    I always found the relationship weird though, too. She goes from finding the idea of trying to help some boy, much less trusting him, to be totally baffling and downright retarded. In fact, she seemed to have a fair amount of common sense in that respect.

    Then suddenly they’re all close and like each other, with nothing to bridge that. The hell happened?

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