Fuck it, I’m becoming a Luddite

First thing I need to say: the Epic Spam post has given more traffic, like I thought it would. Just shows how evil spammers really are. Although it does give me a moment of ethical doubt, because I’m using spammer terms to “drive” traffic to my site… does that mean I’m a spammer?

Never mind, I’m giving up technology anyways. Two reasons: my friend Dale and the new LCD TV I bought. For the longest time, I used to look forward to fixing PCs, looked forward to the challenges that each problem presented. Then I made the mistake of selling Dale my old laptop. Now I dread every time he calls, fearing a new PC problem. How in the Hell did this happen? Where did all of my vaunted patience go? I hesitate to blame ALL of it on Dale, but he’s called a lot, and I’m starting to wonder if the problem is Vista. As an old hand with Microsoft products, I never saw the problems everyone else bitched about. Yet… I don’t think I have gotten this many calls from Dale before he got the laptop.

I’m going to bring up two very important counterpoints: first and foremost, I think he’s using that laptop a lot more than his old PC, so he’s getting a lot more exposure than before, so more problems. Second, when he has problems, he might not spend much time trying to fix it himself, because honestly ladies and gentlemen, you really only need three things to fix PCs 1) patience 2) bloody-mindedness and 3) Google. Of course #3 is the one you can’t always count on, so #s 1 and 2 end up being your best friends. There are times when I have stared a computer into submission. Change drivers, reboot, repeat, ad nauseum.

Exactly what I’m dealing with on my media PC and the new LCD. If Dale wasn’t enough to drive me insane, my travails with the MPC might be enough. Take out the LCD and turn it on, and yay, it works! Hook up the MPC by HDMI cable, video but no sound. Boo! Hook up an audio cable. Yay, it works! Now, the average individual would probably stop right there. It works, why fuck with it? But me? Jesus, I couldn’t stop if I was decapitated (or if I was just a head… Sorry, for that moment there… Just another sign of me slowly losing my grip.) So, I try driver changes. No dice. Several reboots later and I’m still banging my head.

Then I get the bright idea of seeing if my laptop would connect through the HDMI, so I can see if it was the cable, the TV, or the MPC that was the problem. The laptop worked, yay! Except when I hooked the MPC back up… no sound at fucking all. Now, I know the audio port on the TV still works, because I was able to get my Mini to connect (I’ve connected almost every PC in my apartment to that TV at this point.) And still no fucking sound from the increasingly misnamed MPC (it worked on the old TV, btw.)

I still have things I’m trying, but tonight, I’m done, even if I still want to beat my head against the fucking thing. Ah hell, I couldn’t become a Luddite; I’m too bloody minded to just throw in the towel.

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