I think my muse is battling addiction

While trying see exactly what this search meant

crazy dumper mom

I discovered this. It’s an interesting feature, but I don’t think I would use it, because I rarely ever use the same search twice. I find what I’m looking for and bookmark the page. In fact, I’m not sure who would use it, but hey, there it is if you need it. How come I never noticed it before, I have no idea. Probably too busy looking at porn.

Writing has been kind of “meh” lately, hence the title. I’ve been too busy either playing Civ 4, Sins, surfing the net, and doing my half hour stints as a “kgb_ Special Agent.” And ye gods, I can only do the kgb thing for short stretches, not that I’m really worried about the money. It has shown me that I’m really inefficient at web searching, and by the time my half hour shift is over, I’m ready to take my inefficient time and browse what I want, when I want, without worrying about how exactly amplifiers work.

I’ve kind of started writing the next section of my novel… kind of. I think I wrote 500 words, and then just petered out, proving to myself that I just don’t have the concentration right now to do that sort of thing. Maybe later.

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