I wouldn’t have made it past the second line…

What one person calls maturity, another calls “having no fucking sense of humor…” I know that most of my links go unclicked, but please, PLEASE click that one. I promise you, if you hate PETA, you will get some extremely cheap laughs out of that link.

I understand Jack’s embarrassment in that situation: there you are, deep in what I would consider enemy territory, surrounded by “very serious people” and then they go and say things like that. What is a guy whose sense of humor never made it out of middle school to do? These people are taking this extremely seriously, and all you can imagine are a couple dicks rubbing against each other (click the link to understand. :P) Christ in a blanket, was that guy even listening to what he was saying? I mean, these people are the same people as “gay activists” you would have figured that they would have parsed that the language might have been offensive to someone (or exactly the opposite, extremely fucking hilarious, as I found it.) Then again, these people are as logical as a steam powered dildo.

So yeah, now that I’ve gotten my first cheap shots at PETA in a long while… it feels good. 😀

One Response to “I wouldn’t have made it past the second line…”

  1. Giftmacher Says:

    I clicked it, hehe. There’s no way that room should have been chuckle-free.


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