Spam: “I must have been out of my mind” edition

So, in a pique of unbridled curiosity, I signed up at XXXBlackbook. It started with someone that is following me on twitter that had an *ahem* interesting profile picture. The only way I could find out more was by signing up. I didn’t give out my main email address, nor did I use “brenatevi”, instead I used an email address I created specifically for these sorts of sites. It’s a rather new email address, so it hadn’t accumulated any spam at all… Until 2 days ago after I signed up for that site. Now I have 7 spam, all of them from people on that site, despite the fact that I haven’t even put anything in my profile yet. Yeah, things I don’t dare look at from work. After I’m done with this this five day, I am going to open those spam, probably from a virtual machine specifically built for this purpose (and then wiped out :P)

So, let’s see if there is any new worthwhile spam in my regular account…

Fill up your xxx life with bright colors

Wait. I thought ASCII porn was left behind ages ago. (My first Internet porn was ascii porn… Anyone else would be ashamed of that admission.)

McCane’s wife private video

*Looks up McCaine’s wife* *Ponders* *Ponders some more* Nah.

Make your intruder insatiable

What? Why? So I can shoot him? …Uh. Yeah. Moving on.

Open this page

Ladies and gentlemen, a demonstration of how stupid people are. You know someone clicked that.

Turbines for your meat jet

I actually liked this one.

Paparazzi work with nightvision

That would suck in all honesty. Everything looks funky, no matter which type your using. I swear, haven’t you ever seen Blue Thunder?!

FBI watches your IP

Miley hot home video

As a practicing paranoid, the second makes me wonder about the first. I mean, this is the sort of shit the FBI would pull nowadays.

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