Facing the addiction

In case you haven’t heard, I got addicted to Civ 4 again, and this time it seems to be more hardcore than the last time I was addicted. I think I have spent every waking moment the past four days playing Civ 4. It isn’t that big of deal to me, since I’m on vacation and still have until Friday evening, when I go back to work. On the other hand, I’m certain that there are other people that want to see me, and other things I could be, and should be doing, like dishes, cleaning the bathroom, writing, something.

Two problems: I really don’t want to do anything else, and as for other people, I’ve always been a guy that’s fairly content by myself. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy spending time with people, but I can keep myself entertained for hours, even without a computer. Hell, I could probably survive solitary confinement pretty easily (in fact, if for some God-forsaken reason I do end up in prison, I am going to find the biggest man in the room and hit him right in the balls. {one of the most hilarious webcomicsever conceived, btw.})

Uh. Yeah, got off point. Any ways, I’m sitting out in the courtyard of my apartment building, typing on my Mini, because I know that if I brought out my laptop, I’d do nothing but play Civ 4. Yup, the only way I’d play more Civ 4, is if it was piped straight into my brain. (I’d love it if they ever figured out how to incorporate Civ 4 into Mediated Reality I would be so there. Hell, I’d probably be there anyways.)

… Yeah, can’t concentrate enough to get a point. Yup, feeling a bit fuzzy right now.

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