If only

What exactly are community standards, and how do I go about over-throwing them?

I think the world would be better off if people would just mind their own business, instead of shoving down your throat their idea of what’s proper. Unfortunately, never going to happen, because there are too many times when what’s “improper” causes too much collateral damage. Like crack addicts. Or drunk drivers. Or child abuse. As someone that doesn’t want anyone interfering with my life, I agree that if I was doing any of those things, I want someone to stop me, because they interfere with other people’s lives.

Yet, my problem lies in that once you can convince yourself that one form of interference is acceptable because of collateral damage, when do you stop? These people argue that pornography causes untold harm to the community, and therefor it is their right to stop porn. So if it’s harmful to the community, how do you argue against that? Yet, the hypocrisy of what they do before closed doors… *sigh* It’s a never ending battle.

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