So yeah, the Governor from South Carolina

I’m disappointed in the whole mess, but for entirely different reasons than everyone else: I’m disappointed in everyone else. I’m disappointed that everyone ignores the fact that it wasn’t all that long ago (evolutionarily speaking) that this sort of thing wasn’t only common, but expected. I’m disappointed that everyone pretends that we have conquered our biological urges, when we’ve done no such thing. If anything, anyone in his position might have acted exactly the same way he did. That isn’t to say everyone would give in, but when you have power, prestige, and a hot piece of foreign ass shaking in your face, the flag starts waving, and fireworks start going off, that is a real difficult thing to resist. What’s the use of having the political office, if you can’t get laid? “Uh, serving the community?” you might answer, to which I would reply, “Are you sure? Think real hard on that question.”

(I haven’t seen any pictures, so I hope to God she’s hot. There’s nothing sadder than a man brought down by an ugly woman… And once again, I’m earning Hellpoints. It’s been a while.)

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