A thong in my heart…

As I might or might not have mentioned before, I have taken up using the treadmill at the tiny gym provided by my apartment complex. I normally go between midnight and 3am, so that way… well, supposedly it’s so that I can get out and go see people, although the past four days I’ve felt so much like shit when I woke up, that seeing people was the last thing on my mind (I think I’ve woken up every day about 2pm, even if I didn’t go to bed until later… No, it isn’t good, and if it keeps up, I’m going to see my doctor.)

Right… at the hours I’m going, I really don’t expect to see too many people, and most nights I don’t, but every once in a while I do. About a week ago, I ran into a drunk guy on my way back to my apartment. Nice guy, but if he’d been driving, he would have been all over the road. A couple nights ago, there was a cute girl there with her boyfriend, playing basketball, who scared the living shit out of me when she decided to slam the basketball against the plexiglass separating the equipment from the court. And tonight… well, tonight took the cake.

I had my netbook propped up on the treadmill’s console (perfect size for it, btw) watching one my recorded TV shows, when I heard people talking. Paused, yup, it wasn’t my imagination. Two guys and two girls had walked into the pool area, and from the way they were dressed, I had a feeling that I knew exactly why they were there. One of the girls came in, a cute blonde (I live really near campus for those that have forgotten, therefor almost all girls that live near me are cute; it’s true!) asking if I knew where the towels were. “Nope, sorry.” Suspicion partly confirmed. She walked out, and I kept walking and watching TV. Then I saw movement right above my netbook screen, right outside the window; the girls were damn near stripping. First glance unveiled a thong, second glance, the shirt was off, and third glance,I caught a side of boob. I kept walking.

I was briefly tempted to go out and ask them if I could help them with anything (hell, I was there first, and they were the ones skinny dipping with me there) but I didn’t because of two reasons: 1) it would have been rude; I know that sounds odd, but imposing myself like that would have been discourteous, and it isn’t like I haven’t seen tits before, and 2) it was way too early (or late) for an assault; I knew their boyfriends were around there somewhere, and I really didn’t want to try my luck on how understanding they were (“I don’t know how many it would have taken, but I knew how many they were going to use.”)

I finished my treadmilling and went home. The blonde called out, “I hope you had a good workout” when I left. It sure was different than every other night, that’s for certain.

One Response to “A thong in my heart…”

  1. Giftmacher Says:

    SCORE! Hehe, that’s my kind of work out!:D


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