I saw an ad for Whale Wars, a show about some environmentalists attempts to stop whaling. Between that ad and watching Royal Pains, I started thinking about how arrogant your stereotypical environmentalist is. Think about this: what if by hunting the whales to the edge of extinction we are making them better able to adapt to the changing climate? And if we attempt to save them, we are ensuring their extinction?

“How in the hell did you come to that conclusion?” Ponder the last Ice Age, when all of the large land animals in North America became extinct. Some people might assert that humans hunted them into extinction, but I think it was simply they couldn’t adapt to the new environment. You know, that little thing called evolution? From my impression of evolutionary history, larger animals have a harder time with traumatic climatic changes. Possibly by hunting them the way we have, we have driven them to adapt by becoming smaller… Yeah, that last line feels like bullshit even to me.

Still, my point still stands: how do we know what the future holds for the world, evolution-wise; what might seem like a bad thing might actually drive a species to adapt in ways that ensure their success. Or it might drive them to extinction. Sad? Yes, but not the end of the world; some other species will eventually fill their shoes if that niche is still viable. It’s arrogance to assume otherwise.

(A quick angry jog for my brain… better than no writing at all.)

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