I blame Zahn…

So I’m re-reading the Heir to the Empire series (I tore through the first two books last night) and now I know why I have little inclination to re-read most of the Star Wars books – HtE is just that damned good (except for the X-Wing series, which is just as good. Oh, and can’t forget the Republic Commando books.) If anything, some of the excesses of the later books can be blamed on the HtE. Ysalamiri being able to push away the Force… Sound like a certain species being outside the Force? Or how about C’boath, the mad clone Jedi Master (was supposed to be a cloned Obi Wan [one of the best decisions by LucasFilms regarding any of the EU])… That’s a weak one, since Dark Empire was released about the same time, but also unfortunately gave us the Cloned Emperor.

So yeah, Heir to the Empire is the strongest of the EU books featuring Luke, Leia, and Han (as opposed to the other two series, which concentrate on the others.) And… I’m not sure if there is anything else to say.

Oh, except that I have proof that there’s a God. If she was any hotter, the crust would melt around her.

One Response to “I blame Zahn…”

  1. I’d toss up A.C. Crispin’s Han Solo Trilogy to the list, as well.

    X-Wing, HtE, HST are pretty much my top three.

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