Maybe I’m almost there

Two posts within 12 hours? Shock and dismay. Two things have happened. 1) I discovered that there were sequels to a book called Clone Republic, a title I’m going to bet that very few people have read, that almost rips off the Star Wars prequel trilogy, except with a better story and no lightsabers. I’m not going to pimp it like I do the Dresden Files (what do you mean you haven’t read any of the DF? How dare you! Go, read them now!)

And 2) I’m tired of surfing the Internet. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t have it’s uses, like Wikipedia or my long list of webcomics, but when I’m at home… I don’t surf like I used to. I’m coming up on 3 years at my current job, and I have been surfing the Internet almost everyday since then… and Dear gods I’m getting bored with it. So, I’ve started reading heavily again, trying to refresh my memory of the Wheel of Time series (and I’m remembering why I was so addicted back then… It is some good stuff.)

I’m also paying attention to structure, gleaning clues from better writers than I. Also, I’m asking friends “OK, this is what I want to do…” and gauging their reaction. When Kalis told me an idea was “corny” I hit the “right” answer almost automatically, even though he said that it didn’t make sense (context is everything,) but it did to me, and now all I have to do is sell the idea.

Oh, and thanks again Kalis for linking me that Neil Gaiman article. It made me feel better about this damned writer’s block, and even helped me break it. Probably going to be working on computers all night tonight, so we’ll see how much writing I get done (two to fix and one to build.) Now, to sleep!

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