Weird Idea Time #1

Aliens need Cocaine

Please speculate exactly where I’m taking this idea (as I will post a small short story this weekend.)

2 Responses to “Weird Idea Time #1”

  1. While traveling across the Galaxy, a pair of Aliens have landed on Earth after finding out that their spaceship has run out of fuel. After searching for the resource needed to power their ship, they have stumbled across something that contains the same chemical properties: Cocaine! Join our intergalactic heroes as they track down some serious space rock as they’re introduced to the Earth-beings use of the substance before heading off to Columbia to strike up the biggest buy ever!

  2. Kalishinko Says:

    New York City, The Bronx, 2AM, March 1989. Barry Carter is digging through a trash can, searching for food and especially for money to feed the habit that had long since destroyed his life. Once, a proud veteran and family man he is now a homeless crackhead. Barry reached up and started to scratch his bearded face, the itching was unbearable – it slowly spread across his entire body – and he began to rip off his shredded clothes and howl into the moonlight.

    By this point, Barry was too delusional to notice that the moon was brighter, much brighter, than it had ever been before. He continued to to howl wildly as he was drug into the alien ship, as they hooked him up to machines, as they drained his blood. Later, he would link everything he saw to a severe cocaine withdrawl.

    2 weeks later NYPD officers found Barry naked at an abandoned dockyard on the Hudson River, he was barely clinging to life. After a brief stint in the New York Mental Health System, Barry was released. He currently works as a security officer at the Empire State Building.

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