Spam #9: Take your pilules

Make your pipe incredible
Our pilules can make you a superman of bed-action fast and easy.

At first, I thought they were talking about plumbing, but the mention of “pilules” made me doubt.


*Raises fist in the air!*

I followed your google-request

So the real explanation of how Google works: web monkeys.

Loosing wife? Solution-near

My first thought is to let up on the leash.

Prostatitis turned you into furniture? Try Viagra Professional!

No, go see a doctor ya dimwit!

Playboy winds up

This one was the heading for 6 different spam. I’m not quite sure what it means, because Playboy is the gold standard in tits and ass.

Jessica alba giving head

And speaking of the gold standard, let us bask in this wonderful image… Hmmmm… I’m not sure if I’m getting old or the spammers think I need help getting up, but I haven’t gotten enough of these types of spam lately. And the thought of Jessica Alba giving head is more than enough to get me up, so nope, not getting old.

The strangest spam I’ve come across is this one:

Header: Barack Obama Anti-Unemployed Program
Body: We suggest to begin your career as Cash Manager Assistant with SZ Solutions
in the further
you can remain as on this post as and to make career growth to Regional
Manager. This job can be accessible almost for everyone, as you will be
working from your home office under direction of Regional or International
Cash Manager. Each candidate can participate in a distant training course
various money transfer systems.


As a Cash Manager Assistant you will be responsible for:

Help our clients better understand our products.
Monitoring bank balances and sending cash transfers.
Reviewing and processing electronic funds transfer requests.
Assisting with on going process improvements.
Other responsibilities as requested.
As a Regional Cash Manager you will be responsible for:
Preparing, reconciling and analyzing daily cash position reports.
Monitoring bank balances and coordinating daily cash transfers.
Executing stop payment requests.
Monitoring daily cash receipts.
Preparing monthly accounting and management reports.

Experience handling cash is desired (exa. banking, retail, cash register,
collections, etc.)
Skills of PC and Internet user.
Ability to work independently.
Proactive, willing to learn.
Self-motivated and self-managed with a strong work ethic and drive to
exceed expectations.

If you are interested Please do not REPLY directly, this is automated
mailer. Send your curriculum
vitae or resume attachments up to 1mb permitted to HR-team`s private

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