Strange family and Remembering useless information

As proof that I have an extremely strange, all encompassing, and probably very useless memory, my mother IMs me and asks me, “remember that tape you had that had the little guys that sang the funny songs??? what the hell was it called???” Not even five minutes later, I remembered exactly what it was, and had it up on Google (OK, not exactly. I spelled it with a Y instead of an I.) Mind you, I hadn’t listened to that tape since I was 9, at least. And never thought about it since then. Yet, I remember it. This out-obscures even the Ice Pirates. As I told Kiv, “and it’s moments like that that make me think ‘Alzheimers might not be that bad.'”

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Lolliwinks!

Oh, and my mother was drunk when she IMed me that question. The odd things drunk people want to know.

Oh, and weird website of the moment.

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