Spam #6: I couldn’t pick just one!

Heading: You’ll call it Peter the Great
She’ll get sweaty when you enter the room because she has tested your amazing organ.

Well, if I was going to crown him czar, he better be damned amazing!

Is that your dog on a street

Are you stalking me?

Want her want it inside


OK, the Schizophrenic Spammer:

Header: Get all males attracted to you with new pheromones.

Uh, no? Then…

Make her your rod’s slave

Is this aimed at a chick or a guy? Make up your freaking mind! Unless they are going for bi-sexuals now. Wait… How did they get my email address?

Boss is enraged, avoid him today!

Damn it, quit stalking me!

Cleaned out my spam-box… Curious how long it will take for them to get to 500. Stay tuned!

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