Damn, there goes my new “career choice”

I was hoping to become a computer faith healer, but when I couldn’t “resurrect” my friend’s laptop, that went out the window. Ah well, I tried. I’m sure I kept Kiv entertained with my ranting.

And the Internet is full of Political Puppets, people that have a single-minded vision of what is wrong and what is right, and there is no fucking gray. I used to be that way, but I’ve been battling it hard, trying to see what the other side is thinking, and deciding for myself if they are right. A great example: free market versus socialism, especially in this economic/psychological climate. “Greed is to blame!” “No, regulation is to blame!” Hey, I’ve got one for you: people are cows, moving with the herd, and at the first sign something is wrong, they stampede.

That isn’t to say people are stupid, because it is so easy to say they are, but people do go with the flow. In this day and age, with TV blaring at you twenty-four/seven, it’s hard not to. Consider that up until a couple centuries ago, people were pretty much affected by what they heard in their local area, by what their tribe was saying, and the tribe was all important, it was a matter of life and death. Now we have extended our tribes out to impossible to manage sizes, so what are we to do? We move with what our “leaders” are saying, and when I say leaders, it could be anyone that is in a position that people will listen what they say, and watch what they do. In that regard, we could look at the stock markets as leaders (and therefor the people that influence the market are leaders.)

Uh. I think I just left my point somewhere far, far away. Any ways, it’s so easy to blame left or right, when when it comes down to it, people are, and will always be to blame for whatever mess we’re in. Neither side has a monopoly on stupidity.

Unless it’s Global Warming, and all AGWers are idiots. 😛

One Response to “Damn, there goes my new “career choice””

  1. It was some amusing ranting, it is true.

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