Ah, new toys to play with…

So, I got Virtual Box to recognize USB, so I can sync my Palm, and use that old scanner I found. It wasn’t exactly easy, but some browsing around Google sort of provided answers (at least hints and hope that it really will work.) Four to five hours of screwing around for exactly what? Well, when I sync my Treo through Bluetooth it takes A WHOLE FUCKING HOUR! Yes, an hour. When I finally got VBox to work, it takes 6 minutes. Since I like to work straight on my phone, sync it up and do some more work (when I do bills, mainly,) an hour is unacceptable. So I’m pretty sure I’ll be saving lots of time later on. Besides, it was fun doing the detective work, and using VBox gave me the itch to try out Linux again.

Which brings up another point: MSes Virtual PC is just plain weak. When I was simply trying to play ancient games, that was fine, but doing any serious virtual work, it just doesn’t cut it. I’m glad I did some research before I started to bang my head against it.

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