Spam #5: Now this one is a beaut!

Start thinking “Right stroppy” and you have it right.
So it starts with a line that damn near freaked me out:

It’s Julie, found you at forum

All of my close friends will hopefully remember that Julie was the weird chick that my mother tried setting me up with. So yeah, I found myself thinking “Fuck! She’s stalking me!” So in curiosity and fear, I open it up:

About this mailing:
Fyw are isanotace jajryjkub you uolawu to acqkjcay edqevjlezqmq ijsyebizqk of eaecyirqceunjko zqbj osuteaca and begiegy yjaaf yinocezokunjle ufixqox for vuegyjtqfehop upqmygodq qhavapodir pjusai agawycaekayjc mifanyzj by aenyfovqpu amqowjdujy rjcqgigqpi ydyc febydyvuig gqlyrjlywuk afqpuljzud amidiqy any ufozqlazu lureymuboku that xqugy djeybehiiyj of qcoxjp zoruryloq sofyhuljr than pov bunacekyq no iqekio aehoviahaiyroh itusibonqzuw ujzjy do nopehyvyuv qidogyegqbajl lye qcuboetabypjr yqkqbjwu qbumafuci aoticoobuvesyz have kukqiyjkoxjvj yfjkqhubjzybuby iqvuxiqbupajpo oxocqivitaaru vyguqxqjnefi don’t alqtyfqxq qrolygufyzjgy venjafjielip cucuralyen of paedjqnovok fqtepu yxomybqootax a roce ximeki elyuakum ixicikodifo the uheesewogo ebadagekqbos.

Very clever Mr. Holmes… Spamming in cyphertext now.

2 Responses to “Spam #5: Now this one is a beaut!”

  1. Damn I accidentally deleted a good one the other day, it went something like this:

    Help cover the distance – you’ll never satisfy her from here.

    Or some such… I mean how many people feel geographically challenged by their penis size? 😀


  2. brenatevi Says:

    A guy in New York trying to fuck a girl in California?

    Now, if you’re Dr. Manhattan, you’re not even temporally challenged.

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