Eventually my mouth should stop moving…

… or as Reverend Theo said, “If thy foot offend thee, stick it right verily in thy mouth.” So, I was being “grilled” by my boss (more of a sauté) about something that went slightly sideways last night (nothing was really affected, but it could have been much worse,) and he asked if I knew what to do if it happened again. I said that I looked at the procedures, and most of the information was there, but not all (this or that command was missing) and his eyes lit up. I had just talked myself into work. Shit. Granted, it has needed to be done for a while, and I should have stepped up a while back when I realized that it was lacking, but my formative years were spent as a Navy brat, and they had a saying, “You know what NAVY stands for? Never Again Volunteer Yourself.” So, yeah… I just got volunteered.

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