Keep him in your prayers (in spite of me)

I got a call from work last night, asking if I would cover for one of the guys, because his son was going in the hospital. I said yes without hesitation. Sure I wanted to spend an evening with Vicodin and Echo from “Dollhouse,” (Meaning naps and ____) but the chance to get paid double time while helping a friend in need doesn’t come very often. I can sleep plenty when I’m dead and ________.

Then I get a text message at about 3am: his son was diagnosed with an inflamed appendix, and was going to have to go into surgery.

So, Echo has to wait, so are a lot of things. Hmmmmm, in a month I’ll have nine days off. I think I can survive that long.

Any ways, my distractions aside, think good thoughts for him, or pray, or whatever you do when the shit hits the fan, and you need someone to change the die roll in your favor. Because a little boy needs all the help he can get.

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