Waking up, addictions, and habits

Oh, this is going to be a fun one. I have three points that I want to make, I slept only 4 hours this morning, and I’m quasi-cranky.

First! I woke up after only 4 hours of sleep. I took my ambien and everything, but something woke me up, and I decided that there’s hell to pay.

So, Second! I decide to blow up some spaceships in Galactrix. My friend Josh says I’m addicted to this game, like I was to Fallout 3 and Spore. Considering it’s a more complicated version of Bejeweled, with RPG elements finessed in, plus some story telling, and minigames out the ass (crafting, haggling, mining, and more)… Yeah, it’s like taking cocaine, adding in Heroin and firing up the old crack pipe. I’m trying to play in small batches, like fifteen to twenty minutes, but it also has time manipulation abilities, like all of the best games do; you intend to play for five minutes and end up playing 4 hours. (Two hours this morning.)

Third! So I was thinking about entering rehab for Bejeweled addicts, which guided me to the concept of habits, and by the leap of logic that only those that are short of sleep can manage, I started thinking about how governments, religions, corporations, and activism are all about ALL of your habits. What you drink, who you sleep with, what you snort, how many babies you stuff in a trashcan. All of them want to change your habits in some way. They want you to become a sheep and follow their shepherd, because he knows best.

Hell, even libertarians and anarchists are about habits, even if it’s “To Hell with the shepherd, he just wants to fuck you. You don’t need no stinkin’ shepherd.”

Soooo, now that I have the root of all human interaction, I have no fucking clue what to do with it. I hope you enjoyed my insomniac railings.

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