x-rays, cute nurse, and Vicodin

So, I finally went to the doctor’s office today. Five days of dealing with the pain made me realize that something might seriously be wrong. And the news isn’t good: There isn’t much I can do except take vicodin to kill the pain. All an X-ray will do is tell me how long it take to heal. If it’s a broken rib, I’ll simply be in pain for longer. Joyfulness and happiness.

One of the more surreal things this morning (besides the fact that I’m exhausted at this point) was my nurse, Ashley, talking quasi-geek to me. It started with her complaining how slow her TabletPC was, and asking why it was always so slow. I am a geek, and when someone starts asking PC questions, I automatically try to explain. I’m a technological bloodhound. From there, she talked about how she’s played around with PCs for like forever, as if she was trying to impress me (my dear, your smile and sincerity were all it took to impress me… knowledge is overrated.) Then she asked me what was wrong with Vista. Her last words to me were “It was fun talking geek to geek.” I at least got her name, but dammit, I always have a hard time asking for a phone number. There’s always the thought that I could hurt myself again to see her again. 😛

Ah, reminders that as old as I am, I’m still a lamb when it comes to the whole relationship thing.

So… Vicodin. First time I’ve taken it. We’ll see how THAT goes.

2 Responses to “x-rays, cute nurse, and Vicodin”

  1. Hmm sounded like you were doing well, just got to work on the finishing move 😉


  2. My friend Josh offered to use his hammer. Now that’s a friend.

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