Spam #3

Very Penis Extended Long VPXL a new and more sexually powerful man is only a few months away. VPXL was featured in leading mens magazines and rated No.1 choice for penis enlargement. VPXL is an herbal remedy believed to cure the curse of a small penis.

I prefer email spam over my blog spam; email spam has to catch my attention among the 3 trillion other spams inhabiting my spam folder (I have to say, Gmail has the spam catcher I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a spam in my inbox.) Therefor the header has to be catchy enough to make me chuckle. WordPress, as seen above, tends to be way too verbose, yet I enjoy the one above because of the acronym VPXL, and the way they repeated the acronym, as if by carpet bombing me with an acronym will suddenly shrink my ego, and therefor get insecure about my penis size. Nope, sorry, didn’t work. I’m sure you will try again, and again, and again.

(I wonder what these spam posts are doing to my search engine results… I can see some poor server trying to guess what I’m going to post next and having a nervous breakdown.)

2 Responses to “Spam #3”

  1. try again, and again, and again
    a lot of men want have BIG dick because it make them ‘more’ confident 😉

  2. Hey, a spammer! Let’s give this person a round of applause for managing to be the lowest life form the human race has ever produced. I heard rumors that pond scum look down on spammers as not being evolved enough.

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