There’s a one word reason why Apple doesn’t want their OS sold without their hardware: Vista. The problem with Microsoft software is that it has to accommodate many different types of setups. If you look up motherboards alone, there are 48 different boards listed on Newegg, and that isn’t including old mobos. There are 98 video cards.

Meanwhile, there are 4 desktops listed, and 11 laptops. (There are 6 desktops and 7 laptops listed on Microcenter’s website.)

Stop and think about that for a moment. Think about driver support. Windows has to work on a diverse amount of hardware. OSX has to work on 6 platforms, max. Having worked helpdesk, I know which platform I’d rather try to support. And do not underestimate how important driver support really is. Vista’s reputation was nailed to the cross and burned because of driver issues, and has never recovered, and probably never will, with Windows 7 just around the corner (although having used Win7, it feels a lot like Vista, although Win7 does feel lighter and more responsive, just don’t know if it’s enough to upgrade. Depends on prices.)

Any ways, can you imagine Apple’s image if it had to support as many devices as Windows? It might be just as bruised, and over everything, Apple is about image. And that is why Apple will never knowingly sell it’s OS separate (although the term “Hackintosh” seems to keep showing up lately.)

And if you thought I’d gone “hardware happy,” don’t worry; I went from admiring this view to reading this bullshit. I abuse myself this way to entertain my readers… all 6 of you. Sadists.

Anyways, things to remember about Global Warming:
1) The Climate changes. Get over it.
2) Consensus doesn’t mean they are right. 10,000 intelligent individuals can be wrong. (And it doesn’t even require a conspiracy.)
3) The Earth is going to survive, no matter what humanity does.
4) Global Warming has nothing to do with science anymore, and everything to do with politics. Don’t believe me?

The US president has just four years to save the planet, said Prof McCarthy.

Yeah. That is the biggest bullshit line I have ever seen, and people buy this shit.

2 Responses to “Reputation”

  1. 3) The Earth is going to survive, no matter what humanity does.

    Well until it’s engulfed by the sun. šŸ˜‰


  2. But that has nothing to do with what humans can do.

    …Unless… We get some idiot that figures out how to put out the sun, and then does the “Hey y’all, watch this!” routine.

    I’d bet humanity is going to be long gone from Earth at that point. šŸ˜›

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