How in the hell did I end up here?

Hey another “great” new search has lead someone to my blog: racist gore comic. I’m heading number 4 see:

Look ma!  I'm a freak!

Look ma! I'm a freak!

I’m never quite sure what to think when I see things like that. I’m sure all of the strangers that end up here are thinking the same thing (wait… that should be “are as confused as I am.”) If a psych major ever comes here, you are more than welcome to try to pry my head apart and tell me that I wanted to kill my mother and sleep with my dad (dammit, I screwed up again [HA!])

Adding to my confusion is that I actually had something to say before I saw that weird search, but caught in the throes of curiosity killed the thought before I could divulge it. Oh well, when I think of it, I’ll remember. (That phrase once stopped a friend in her tracks, made her think about what I just said, repeat it several times, and then bust out laughing… She thought it was one of most awesome things I have ever said. I thank God that I have friends just as weird as I am.)

Err. Uh. Yeah, I have finally lost the ability to think at all. I’ll get over it eventually.

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