Breaking out a different hobby horse

Next to Global Warming, racism is the next hobby horse I like to break my head against. Not against it, but for it. I’m probably the only person in the world that wishes that a celebrity would say something racist and then say, “I said what I meant, so get over it.” The funny thing about racism is that my “Fuck all white people” comment isn’t considered all that controversial, yet when someone makes “the slant eyes” people get in an outrage.

Here’s the thing people: you will never get rid of racism. Never. Get over it. That isn’t to say that racism is acceptable, because it isn’t, especially when governments are the ones perpetuating it (aka institutionalized racism,) because then they infringe on our ability to live our lives how we want. But when someone famous makes a comment or does something stupid… well, everyone forgets that they are people too, and quite often they do something without thinking about it. In that case, just roll your eyes, brush it off for momentary stupidity, and get on with your life. Outrage just makes you look like over-sensitve brute. And if you really feel that strongly about it, just don’t spend your money on that person.

The thing that these people don’t understand is that being over-sensitive like this is not going to end racism. In fact, I think in the long run it might make things worse. Instead of overt racism, all of the moral outrage drives the racism underground, and underground movements tend to build up into powder kegs.

I don’t want everyone to “just get along,” because we never will, and expecting us to means that you would need to build a better human. Personally, I prefer us good old fashion flawed humans; utopia never turns out the way you’d think.

And then there’s one of our illustrious senators that wants to make the Confederate Memorial Day a paid holiday. At first blush, I’m not sure what to think about this, although the thought, “You know, there is such thing as too many holidays. That’s what the Roman Empire to ruin, you know?” (No, not really.) Once you root around the article, it’s the good old “we have too much racism” bit, although this is coming at it from another angle: actually trying to understand the Confederacy. Considering how misunderstood the American Civil War is, especially the Confederate State of America, I’m willing to grudgingly applaud the Senator, yet I’m not willing to go as far as to require a new holiday. I mean, whatever happened to decent schooling? To teaching what we know of history, instead of the bullshit shoveled in schools now?

Oops, that’s Al Gore shoveling shit that kids shouldn’t listen to their parents, because their parents don’t know, but they do. (… Fuck, I ended back at Global Warming… I think I might have an addiction…”Hi, my name is brenatevi, and I’m addicted to Global Warming news. And I have a love-to-hate problem with Al Gore.” “Hi bren!”)

Any ways, I’m about to say something that will shock people: I agree with the initial premise of what Al Gore is saying. (Damn it, there are no thermometers in Hell so I could prove that it isn’t freezing over right now. Could someone get on that please? Nothing fancy.) OK, the initial shock is over, so now for the elaboration: my family is living proof that parents do not know everything, and often learn their prejudices and preconceptions from their parents. Or you could back to the Civil Rights movement like Al Gore states in the beginning, because he’s right, the parents really were wrong in those circumstances, trapped in a cycle of wrongs.

But there was a small problem with this speech: it was given to 13 year olds. If it had been given to high schoolers, you know people that are actually going to be able to vote, and I hope to God above, think for themselves whether Al Gore is full of shit or not, I wouldn’t have had a problem. But thirteen year olds? You gotta be joking me.

On the other hand, he’s Al Gore, and no trick is too low if we’re to save his overbloated ass- err, the Earth.

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