I pulled a muscle laughing

Hmmmm, to start with the best or Date order?

I love webcomics. It started back in the days before the Internet, when the best I could do was with the comics section of the newspaper, when they were known as the Funny Pages. Yes, I know I’m old (another demonstration of my old age is that I remember when Garfield was hilarious.) And then I graduated from High School, got a job, and a friend at my first job pointed me towards User Friendly, and I’ve never looked back. I have a crappy page of webcomics which I’m slowly trying to replace (I hate bookmarks, and I hate typing in the url… yeah, I’m lazy too) since I’m always finding new comics to add, and it’s just fucking unwieldy.

So, I’ve recently found a “new” one that started in 2003 (serious archive diving going on… I’m almost at the beginning of 2007) and I have a bevy of tabs of ones that I found really funny… and then I found one that made cry from laughing so hard… Which is hard to do, since I’ve been reading webcomics daily for almost 15 years now. But this one… WOW, that is just teh awesome. Epically hilarious.

Now, for the just funny ones (so I can clear out some tabs):
http://www.leasticoulddo.com/comic/20040301 (you’ve seen this one Josh)

None of those are as hilarious as the Viagra ad, but I hope you enjoy them any ways.

Edit: Shit, now I discover WP doesn’t have auto link… ah, fuck it. No one click on the links anyhow. Copy and I paste it if you want the awesome.

Oh, and I finished the archives at 7AM. People might think I need to get a life, but God I laughed hard tonight. Felt good.

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