Ah, that’s better… err, worse

You can thank Apple, Metallica, and shitty roads for this post.

So, I made the mistake of checking on the Palm Pre news right before I left for work. For those that have no clue what that is, it’s the new Smart Phone from Palm, which was/is supposed to replace my beloved Treo. I’m a serious technophile, so when I geek out for something, I tend to get passionate about it, and when I saw the features for the Pre, I was like “YES!!!” I’ve been using the Palm OS for at least seven years, and I’ve really had no reason to not use it; I have plenty of applications for the OS, which have kept working despite the change in devices. On the other hand, I’m willing to admit that it is getting long in the tooth.

The news that pissed me off: Apple files patents that threaten the Pre. Now, when I hate something, I tend to hate it without reserve. That isn’t to say you can’t change my mind, but it better be some pretty compelling shit. And Apple? Ever since I tried to work on one of their pieces of shit over ten years ago, not to mention my time at CallTech, I have developed a hatred that I can barely describe. The Apple vs. PC commercials didn’t help (lies and arrogance… oh, yes, they make me want to put an arm par on the Mac-guy and rip it out of its socket, and then sodomize him with his own appendage…) And now they are effectively trying to kill off my next cell phone? Fuck you Steve Jobs, and every other ass-licking Apple fanatic that has propped up your corrupt empire! (Oh yes, it’s about time to go to bed.)

So any ways, I wouldn’t touch an Apple product with someone else’s asshole, so why in the hell are they trying to stifle innovations they didn’t even really invent? I’m hoping MS and every other cell-phone manufacturer gang-rapes Apple from every orifice, and then the Attorney General fines Apple for being douches. (Yup, way past time for bed, because that isn’t going to happen.) Oh, and I really want to meet whoever passed that patent form- (go to bed, dammit.)

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