Missing the point

Before I get to the meat of this post, I need to admit that I have missed the point more times in my life than I can count. In fact, most of my life has been spent in a fugue were the point misses me by several miles, and only after some time has passed that I realized what was really happening. Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours, and at my worst, sometimes months, but always too late. Such is life. I regret those moments when I think about them, but since those moments are gone to never be regained, there isn’t anything I can do about it, so I try to remember and go on with my life.

With this in mind, I find it bothersome when I see other people miss the point. I know that I’m only understanding what’s going on because I’m outside watching the conversation, seeing it from the external point of view, seeing all of the factors that everyone brought to the conversation. And so it was with Glenn Beck’s “interview” of the lady that is selling her virginity. It really wasn’t an interview, more of a grilling over the young lady’s morality.

The way I see it, it has nothing to do with right and wrong. I believe in right and wrong, I believe that there are lines that should not be crossed, but when it comes to life, we all see the line differently. We all have to decide for ourselves when we come to the line whether we cross it or not. No one can can decide for us. Some people don’t even think about it, but cross the line blindly never seeing the line, nor caring about it. Or perhaps they might even think they are right to cross the line, that it’s the only way. And there is a legion of people that will disagree with them.

As for me, it’s not my place to say, to judge those transgressions. None of us can really judge their actions; even Glenn should admit that only God can truly judge our actions. And in the end, it’s up to each of us to decide whether or not the decision is worth the consequences. Because every action has an effect on everyone around you, whether you believe in God or not.

And in other news:

Stop worrying about the economy or you’ll end up with dementia. But that’s just my opinion.

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