Loud Idiot Sydrome

That is my name for an affliction that I just realized I had (unless someone cab suggest a better name.) What is LIS? It’s when you associate and dismiss an argument, cause, or group out of hand because of one (or often times many) loud idiot(s). For me, it was AGW and because of Al Gore and the IPCC (among others.) Through the web of very strident warnings (and the comment in front of Congress about there being no debate… That will always burn in my mind as one of the worst things that could be said. It just smacks of trying to shut up the opposition, and dammit I have every right to disagree with you, whether you want me to or not.) Uh. I just lost that sentence. Shit. Well, I’ll just say that I let the loud idiots blind me to the fact that there are very good and reasoned arguments to AGW that aren’t dismissive to the opposition and don’t try to bullshit you into thinking it’s the absolute truth.

The only cure is to ignore the loud idiots (who are most likely SIAs) and listen to everyone else.

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