Monkey work makes a bitchy bren

So, I get into work today and the error list is longer than Ron Jeremy, and the previous shift did very little to clean up the mess. Oh, the important stuff was done, like callouts, but otherwise they did nothing but sit around and circle jerk, or shit themselves… So yeah, one of the guys took forever and two days to get back from the walkthrough, so I took it upon myself to log him off the workstation. Oh my fucking gods, I could have only WISHED God had smited me right then, but the lightning probably would caused the entire building to explode. He was standing over me gathering his stuff, and it smelled like a leper colony with explosive diarrhea. (Hmmm, yummy imagery there.)

So yeah, I have spent the past two hours trying to clean up the stupid little shit they left undone, banging at the keyboard like a monkey on crack and mary jane, wondering “what the fuck did I do to deserve this?” I know that I can be overly honest almost to the point of being a jerk, but for fuck’s sake, not even Hitler deserved soemthing like that.

As the heading says, I’m a wee bit bitchy right now.

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