Ah, gotta love a brainwashing

Soooo, the continuing adventures of my Syrian friend. He’s actually told me this story before, but he just told it to me again, and it demonstrates how governments manipulate their people to keep control.

I was looking at handguns on the internet, and he saw, so we started talking about guns. He told me that he was required to learn how to shoot an AK-47 in High School. You know why? Because Israel wants to spread it’s borders from the Tigris to the Euphrates.

I’ve actually heard this story several times, and I’ve tried to reason with him on it, but brainwashing has nothing to do with reason. It gets pounded in your head over and over again, like a rock by the sea, until you fit in exactly with the mindset everyone expects of you. *shrug* He’ll keep believing that Israel is the great Boogeyman, no matter what I say or do, so I quit arguing with him on it. He’s a rock that’s been worn down into its place, and it’d take more air than I have to convince him otherwise.

It makes me sad though, because it’s things like this coming from both sides that are the reason that we’ll never see peace in the Middle East; everyone involved has too much invested in the lies to change course anytime soon, from those in power to those actually using the AK-47. One can only hope that the people figure out they’ve been shaped sooner than later so they have a chance to make up their own minds.

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